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About Mel's Family Adventures

Hi guys!  I’m Melody – but everyone calls me Mel!  I want to thank you for stopping by at melsfamilyadventures! 

This website is about all things parenting.  Here, you will find tips and tricks for life with little kids.  You will find information on all the fun stuff and the tough stuff when it comes to parenting.

I’m here to help Moms and Dads with solutions to help you make parent life easier.  From camping with toddlers to setting up a playroom you can find how to’s and lists of ideas that really work!

A Little More about Me

I am a wife and I’m a Mom to two wonderful, sweet girls!  I am also a veterinarian; I have a great passion for veterinary medicine and the care of animals and their people.  I am not practicing/working as a veterinarian right now. 

I made the decision to be a stay at home Mom in July of 2018.  I did feel that I could strike a pretty good work-family balance but deep down I felt that with my little girls (2 and 3 years old at the time) so young, I wanted to be there for all the bedtimes, the scrapes/scratches and the moments of joy that blossom from the simplest of things.  

I have not regretted this decision and in fact feel that my relationship with my girls is stronger for it. 

As any Mom knows, the job description of Mom is quite lengthy.  I am truly enjoying being a loving role model, teacher, cheerleader, supporting ear, leader, group manager, fix it person (as I write this my daughter’s San Francisco souvenir toy cable car broke.  I have had to pause writing to mend it), and all the many many other tasks involved with parenting.  Dads totally know what I’m talking about too!!!  I sometimes wonder if or when I may return to veterinary practice.  For now I feel that I am in the right place, but I leave the future open for any new adventures!

We are a pretty busy family and typically we always have some adventure planned!  This can range from get togethers close to home to road trips/traveling.  Of course we love animals and right now we have dogs and a crazy cat!  We enjoy camping, hiking, playing indoors, playing outdoors, family dinners, games and my girls love gymnastics and dance.

I am known by my family and friends as a major researcher!  Not in a lab, but the kind of person who will make sure that I’m getting what I think are the right shoes, clothes, skin products, camping gear, picnicking gear, RV/travel trailer, whatever!  I want to make sure I get the best that I can reasonably afford for my kids and also myself.  Sometimes my obsession with research has worked out well for my friends and family too!!  

Why am I here?

Well, really I wanted to write down family moments, a journal so to speak.  I figure a fun way to do that would be a blog.  Then I really got to thinking!  There have been many times that this parenting journey has been difficult, and I have consulted google to help me out!  I thought if just one person is encouraged, helped or feels a sense of comfort from reading my articles that would be amazing.  So, I decided it is time to put my thoughts and findings in writing!  I want to make this blog a place for adventures with kids!  A place where other parents can learn from our adventures.

When I’m not here- you could find me outside- in the garden, taking photos, hiking, camping, taking care of animals, or at the park with my family.

Have a great day! I’d love to connect!

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